About us

A little about our history…

Daphne Marche MBE

GRACE Organisation was founded in the year 1983 by late Daphne Marche MBE – a visionary and extraordinary Christian woman with a kind heart who had always nurtured a strong desire to help her local community. The first steps were initiated when she took to cooking meals in her own kitchen and voluntarily feeding older people in the community.

Gradually, a realisation dawned upon her that there was indeed the need for such a service – a fully fledged one. Thus was formed the idea of GRACE Organisation. Eventually, it was inaugurated and has served hundreds of people since. Daphne Marche was later recognised with an MBE from the Queen in 1997 for her selfless service to the community.

She passed away in February 2015, but not before establishing another satellite centre for the organisation in Ilford.

GRACE Organisation of this day and age…

Continuing the legacy of Daphne Marche, her daughter now leads the charitable organisation. Currently, GRACE Organisation specialises in offering day care and adult social care services to people suffering from dementia, disability, stroke, heart conditions, diabetes, and other long-term physical and mental health issues. We also support people in their journey towards combating loneliness and isolation. Although located in an area of high deprivation, we still deliver services to the highest standard.

Our door to door service is backed by a fleet of specially adapted minibuses and a crew of drivers and escorts. Together, they collect clients from their homes and transport them back at the end of the day. We also have a volunteer nurse who works weekly to provide health and wellbeing support to clients on a one-to-one basis. The potential capabilities and physical limitations of each client are carefully studied so communication can be carried out smoothly.

At the same time, at our luncheon club we not only provide delicious hot nutritious meals, but also arrange a range of activities, and the active participation of the clients is encouraged. These include singing, arts and crafts, and sessions of physical activities like exercise, which have proved to be extremely popular with our clients. We believe adulthood is a treasure of wonderful ideas, vast knowledge, and loads of life experience. The more it is shared, the better.

GRACE Organisation further takes pride in successfully setting up a homely atmosphere where clients can enjoy at their ease. Our Physiotherapy clinic deserves a special mention as it has been the backbone of our existence throughout the course of time, managing the smallest of client needs without a glitch. Over the years, we have observed a growth in the number of people who express the need for such services.

In the near future, we look forward to witnessing a society, where the older population leads a healthy, active, sociable, and respectful life. Our humble contribution goes out in the form of our considerate services and integrated programme that cater to the long lasting sustainability of this population. We are on a mission towards helping the elders take charge of their lives, enjoy it to the fullest, and restore a sense of self-esteem and confidence. And yes, we’ll be customer-centric to the core, always and forever.